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What About Chiropractic During Pregnancy
What Chiropractic for Kids and Babies

What to Expect

At your first appointment the focus is generally on your general health and why you are coming to see the chiropractor. A detailed health history is required in order to make sure that the correct areas are assessed, that care is safe and effective, and also to allow the chiropractor to get a broad overview of your lifestyle and health.

It's all about You...After the health history is discussed with you the chiropractor will then assess specific areas, this may involve gait (posture) analysis, palpation (checking where the bones are and areas of tenderness/pain), orthopaedic assessments, neurological tests (non-invasive), and chiropractic analysis.

Generally an adjustment happens at the first visit - however if there are any area of concern that requires further investigation you may be referred for and x-ray or back to your general practitioner if the chiropractor does not feel that you are suitable for chiropractic care.

It is rare to not receive care on the first visit with The Chiropractic Health Centre as everyone can benefit from a nervous system free of interference!

What About Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is especially important during pregnancy, not only does it help make the pregnancy more comfortable as your body changes and the foetus develops but it helps maintain uterine ligament flexibility and balance. Further to this it reduces the biomechanical stress and enhances the nervous system function allowing for the baby to develop well and assume the correct and optimal birthing position.

Studies of patients that had chiropractic care during pregnancy show a decreased labour time and significantly less complications during labour. In fact chiropractic care has been credited with the average reduction of first time mum’s labour by 24 percent!!

Keep Calm and Get AdjustedUp to 50 percent of women suffer some back or pelvic pain during pregnancy - chiropractic is very effective in the alleviation of this pain and has the added benefit of being a drug free solution!

Whilst it is firmly The Chiropractic Health Centre’s position that chiropractic should not be substituted for regular lead maternity care (such as a midwife) it should be part of your overall health care for a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.

What About Chiropractic for Kids and Babies


Regardless of a person’s age vertebrae can become misaligned leading to interference of the nervous system, this can happen during the birth process and development. Learning to crawl and walk, as well as children growing at an incredibly rapid rate, makes it important that they are checked for spinal dysfunction so that this does not become permanent and affect them later in life. Much the same way children’s teeth are checked for decay before school so that they have good teeth in later life or any problems found are addressed early and proactively!!

We Love Children and Children Love ChiropracticInterference can build up slowly over time and can lead to damage of the nerves and spinal cord. Often children complain of growing pains; however these are not a normal part of growing and are often an indicator of dysfunction of the nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments are altered to suit the size and development of the patient. Often for example when babies are being checked there is just a very light force applied and they do not experience the same degree of manipulation that an adult. This is because babies have not had the years of associated muscular dysfunction and do not resist the adjustment to the level that an adult might.

Sarah has 3 children of her own and all have been adjusted either by herself or another chiropractor within hours of their births and on a regular ongoing basis.

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