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So often I am asked – ‘will that fix it’ or ‘how many treatments will this take’ while these are perfectly valid questions, we all want to know when and how, it is not the easiest question to answer and if as a chiropractor you are being honest with your clients it is not really one you should be giving an answer to.


The simple fact is generally as a chiropractor I do not know how many visits you will require, even after the first couple of visits this can be difficult to answer as chiropractic care is generally cumulative in its nature. I liken it to going to the gym – you do not leave the gym with a ‘buff body’ after your first visit, certainly not after your first week but after a few months of work you certainly can see the difference. Chiropractic care is a little like this, we are addressing the cause of the issue and sometimes that cause has been there for longer than the symptoms that made you come in for chiropractic care and if you have had the symptom’s for some time then this can also be a factor in how long a path we may be looking at!


As people are used to the fast fix of taking a pill that decreases the inflammation or dulls the pain of their injury it becomes harder to understand why correcting the problem may take a series of visits, but the simple fact that this comes down to is the pill while it takes away the symptoms generally is not addressing the underlying cause of the symptoms. Chiropractic care aims to correct the dysfunction or dis-ease which has caused and allow the body to heal itself. One way to think about the why the chiropractor recommends multiple visits is to consider how many pills you have taken for the issue and how long you have been taking them – often these medicines have masked the problem for quite some time before you considered trying some other way to fix the problem, this may give you an idea of why it maybe more than one treatment?


Another question that often goes with the ‘how many treatments’ is the ‘will I be doing this for life’…… This is another question that again depends on why you have come to the chiropractor, many clients do end up coming for maintenance care or checkups – at the end of the day the chiropractor suggests these (based on how you have responded to care, what you came in with originally, lifestyle, occupation etc.) and with your input will find a frequency that suits you, there is never any obligation to continue care if you do not feel it is of benefit to you, however many chiropractic clients continue care in either a maintenance of checkup form because they love the fact that their health is improved and not just from a pain perspective.


For more information regarding evidence behind the frequency of your visits I suggest listening to Dr Jay Greensteins podcast regrading chiropractic treatment plans and the Mercy document!

Wednesday 21st of August 2019

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