Concussion and the neckConcussion and the neck

Care of the neck in a head injury……


Research into concussion has been expanded in the alot few years to include the impact on the neck which is also effected during injuries involving the head.


The chiropractors association has long understood the link between head injuuries and neck injuries – many people still however do not understand the link between concussion and spinal trauma and fail to make the association between neck function and resulting headaches and dizziness post concussion  - these symtoms are often passed off as coming from the mild traumatic head injury.


Spinal impacts are caused by the blow to the head or the shaking caused when the head is contacted forcefully – these impact the upper cervical spine which is protecting the brain stem at the top of the spinal cord and this area when injured can produce symptoms simular to those of a traumatic brain injury .


These symtpoms will often respond well and quickly to chiropractic care .


So as we know a lot of this seasons sports are high contact in which concussions occur (rugby, soccer, hockey and basketball) and our youth athletes may have a more prolonged recovery time post concussion.


So next time you household sports person gets even a mild concussion get them checked out as prolonged symptoms of mild concussion are often the result of neck trauma which can be eased with chiropractic care and take home exercises.

Monday 28th of May 2018

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