Chiropractic and Sports Injuries in ChildrenChiropractic and Sports Injuries in Children



So with the winter sports season upon us I started to think about how children are effected by injury – so far my budding sports man has not had any major injuries but he plays rugby and put his all into it so it will happen at some point…..


So if your kids are anything like ours and put their all into their sports then sometimes their sports will win and the kids will not!


Understandably we often overlook injuries in our children as they tend to heal at a greater rate than adults and they often complain for a few days and then they are back into their usual acitivites, so the injuries that do not heal are the ones that we as practitioners typically see and sadly this behavour continues through into their adult lives meaning that small injuries can become major problems due to lack of care/rehabilitation.


So what role does your chiropractor play with your budding sports person?

Chiropractors can give you information on how to prevent injuries, adjustments to help the body function at its full potential which can help heal current injuries and prevent future injuries. Chiropractors provide not only spinal adjusting but assessment and correction of extremities and can teach your child the appropriate stretches and rehabilitation for their injuries. Your chiropractor can also help with nutritional advice which can assist in both overall health and recovery from injuries!


The schedule for treatment for children is often different than you would see for yourself with the chiropractor and is not just based in pain but in functionalilty as assessed by the chiropractor and of course your child/coach/parent and the sports in which your child is active in - rugby, netball, dance, swimming, cricket - they all have different needs. Your children will also benefit from regular spinal and extremity assesment and correction – helping to prevent the injuries before they occur and learning the correct intervention for injuries when they do occur!


Chiropractic also helps the young athlete to be less reliant on treatments for pain and to learn to recognise pain caused by their sports as an indicator that something is not right – either in their body, the way they are using it or in their technique – so rather than taking a pain-killer they will look to the cause of the pain rather than masking the symptom of the true issue.


I understands your young athlete and have a special interest in helping them achieve their goals and enjoy helping them to understand how to help themselves and be the best they can be!


We look forward to seeing you and your children soon!




Monday 9th of April 2018

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