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Dr HugAbout "Dr Hug"

Dr Sarah Huggins is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She has been in practicing in the Wairarapa since 2006. Prior to this Sarah ran her own successful clinic in Petone (Lower Hutt) in addition to working in partnership with Evidence Based Chiropractic in Wellington City.

Sarah took over The Chiropractic Health Centre in 2006 whilst pregnant with her first child and moved from Petone to Greytown. Shortly after her son was born Sarah expanded the chiropractic service offering in the South Wairarapa through creating The Chiropractic Clinic in Greytown making her the Wairarapa's most accessible chiropractor.

The Chiropractic Health Centre in Masterton moved from Chapel Street into new, and current, premises on Jackson Street in 2011. Whilst The Chiropractic Clinic in Greytown, which was originally home based, has now moved into its own location behind the Health 2000 at 82 Main Street.

In this time Sarah has also become a mother for the second time - to twin girls in 2008, so life between chiropractic and family is very busy!! Sarah's own children have been checked and adjusted from a few hours old and she especially loves to help babies and little people!!

Sarah has a keen interest in learning disorders and how both nervous system integration and diet can effect the normal milestones, education and emotional development. One of her key objectives and passions is to see people become owners of their bodies not just passengers. She believes that everyone can benefit from a nervous system free of interference, a body free of pain, and better mobility no matter what age you are.

Sarah's qualifications include a Bachelor of Chiropractic (New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Auckland), a Bachelor of Science (University of Auckland, Auckland) along with being a fully qualified Thompson Practitioner (Thompson Technique Foundation, United States).

Techniques Used

Chiropractors use more than 55 different procedures and methods including;

  • Diversified adjustments restore motion to joints, reducing pain and enabling the injured tissue to heal;
  • Thompson Technique utilises a specialised table to give corrective direction and force to restore motion and align misaligned joints;
  • Activator Technique involves use of a small device to apply pressure or gentle force to misaligned vertebrae;
  • Myofacial treatments use massage or pressure to relieve pain from knotted muscle fibres called “trigger points”;
  • Applied Kinesiology helps balance tense or loose muscles that pull a bone out of alignment. A combination of massage and manipulation is typical of this technique.
  • Logan Basic Technique uses sustained, gentle pressure at the sacrum, located at the base of the spine, to correct the spine.

At both clinics Diversified and Thompson Technique are primarily used. Both the Masterton and the Greytown clinics have Zenith 460 tables which facilitate the specialised technique used in Thompson. They are also only a handful of such tables in the country.

Chiro TableSarah is one of a very few fully qualified Thompson Practitioner which is a specialised chiropractic technique involving the Thompson drop table - this technique is very gentle and allows for a very effective adjustment over a wide range of people.

At any time any of the above techniques maybe used - the choice of technique is dependent on many things such as your condition, health, patient size, age and what will give the best possible result with the most comfort for you.

What to Expect from Us

The Chiropractic Health Centre (Masterton) and The Chiropractic Clinic (Greytown) operate in the same way with the same practictioner, Dr Sarah Huggins.

On you initial consultation you will be asked to fill in a health history form, this gives us a basis through which we will work to isolate your biggest health concerns and any under lying issues which may determine how you are treated from a chiropractic perspective along with any additional support that is needed. Do not worry if you have difficulty with your history as the chiropractor will work through your history with you in order to get the best possible information. Please try to be as complete and a honest as possible with this part of the examination as the more information we have on your health the better we can help you.

After your health history is completed Sarah will complete both physical examinations and a chiropractic assessment. This will involve checking such things as muscle strength, reflexes, tone of muscles, orthopedic tests, and the chiropractic examination of palpation and range of motion/joint movement.

If there are any concerns that suggest that we may need additional information, such as x-ray, you will be referred to the appropriate place. If there are no concerns, which is more often the case, Sarah will commence treatment immediately at this visit.

The Road to RecoveryAfter you first visit you will generally need to return for follow up appointments, these will be discussed with Sarah and are generally based on the acuteness of your symptoms or condition.

Please feel free at any point during the examination/treatment to ask questions and if you should be concerned at any time do not hesitate to contact us.

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